Well, yet again, the comic is an hour late. Between a newborn who must be fed every two to four hours (yes, also at night) and having a job, the comics will sometimes be late. I have no safety net except for some bonus art I am saving and trying not to use but as Christmas comes closer, if I haven’t got some strips done ahead of time, there will be sketches and bonus material to pad the way. My new job is a florist’s assistant and one of the “busy seasons” is Christmas where my part-time employment may skyrocket to full-time for a few weeks. We’ll just have to wait and see, huh? It’s amazing I have any time to eat and spend a little time with my family let alone work on this comic:) But there’s just so much left to show you all! I would feel really bad not being able to keep to the schedule that I started with. So here’s to trying to hold it all together… with string!

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