This journal has some reiteration but I thought it would be important to add David’s perspective and add a reminder of his special harp-playing ability, and of course it leads into more intrigue! Plus, he is the first character to actually SHOW you what Pinocchio looks like in our Shards world.

Pinocchio’s clothes were based on what I could find of period boy clothes for Italy, as it is an Italian story. The cap on his head, sensationalized a little by Disney, is more accurately portrayed here. It is also a part of the story not mentioned in the Disney version in which it was Geppetto’s cap and Pinocchio stole it. Geppetto just never got it back and presumably let the boy have it. The Disney version also did not have Pinocchio accidentally burning off his own legs like a dummy or calling the cops on Geppetto saying the poor guy beat Pinocchio. What a naughty boy! If interested, check out the story in your local library like I did (I like to go to the actual story and not just the internet to get a real taste for the writing of a story before I delve into it Shards-style ;) )