Due to the late strip and the hurrah over a new monitor, I decided to throw out something fun for Anniversary # cinco: SHARDS characters as Gummi Bears (Disney variety). We have Goosi Gummi looking on as Goldi Gummi reluctantly teaches Jakki Gummi he isn’t all that in the sparring department. Alici Gummi watches with eager eyes as she learns a few new tricks and waits her turn. Velvi Gummi (as a gummi plushie) looks quite worried — presumably for Jakki.

Here is a larger version of the pic.

June, five years ago, SHARDS launched. We are still at it and still have a ton of story to give you all. Let me tell you, Chapter 4 is intense. This roller coaster has just begun and we’re only gaining steam as we complete the last five strips (and hopefully at least one SHARD Dust) of Chapter 3 and gear up for Chapter 4: Black And White, which focuses on Oz, Cindy, and Goldie ;)