The strip is a little delayed because of this guy. He takes up most of the one-panel comic. I work tomorrow so expect this finished tomorrow evening, late.

Here’s a break-down of what you can see from the BBW’s arsenal:
2x XL missile batteries
1 flame thrower
1 grenade launcher
1 chest laser (Yeah… kinda like Iron Man)
1 shoulder laser (we’re naming films so yeah, this is the one from Predator but I made it bigger)
1 heat conductive pulse cannon
1 shock cannon (the zappy thing bottom left)
1 cabinet of heat seeking missiles but he can auto guide them to whichever heat source he wants
1 laser eye
1 machine gun

and that’s not counting what you’ve already seen and what else he hasn’t whipped out yet. Hey, for a guy missing half a limb, he’s well-armed!