Note: The “I” is for Icarus. He’s spying. Just so’s ya know.

I was reading the comments to the newest strip for “Selkie” and realized that you all might like some new background on the comic for each strip… if I have any. Just so happens that I do!

In the strip where Alice uses her baton whips to tie up the werewolves, it was a last-minute decision to add this part in. In the original roleplay run-through, the heroes set off Red’s traps, then discovered her, actually captured her, and took her to HQ. I thought this made Red look weak, because she is truly a formidable character, and wrote it a little different for the strip. It gave the readers a chance to see Red’s character more, and how she despises Velvy and all “abominations”. This left one problem not in the original run-through: what to do with the werewolves? I knew they’d be blown up but the heroes didn’t know that. I also know that Alice will need her batons again shortly so I discussed it with TB and we decided it would be okay to have the whips detachable. Problem solved:)

For this strip where we start to see more of Icarus, I love that I get to show his glowing eyes! He’s pretty silent and has been moving forward stealthily in each panel. I hope that came through for the most part in the art.