I loved working on the purple glow of David’s stones :)

NOTE OF INTEREST: I couldn’t decide whether to have Tin Dorothy still injured or show healing or full recovery so I simply went with the easiest and assume it took them a little bit of time to get out there and a brief pause to look over any injuries and heal them a bit before entering the crypt. Dorothy Conglomerate is actually the source of the healing but I believe she can lend her skills to another persona when it is out although it is not nearly as effective or rapid. Both Cindy and Dorothy can heal but Dorothy’s is the best “field healing” due to its more rapid nature. Humpty will heal to his usual cracked up self no matter what happens to him, due to his abilities granted by the shard (indestructible), but he cannot aid the healing of others unless it is to apply a bandange. I don’t believe Velvy can heal naturally. He’ll need some sewing, but he also does not appear to feel pain. Yay, character insight!