Instead of the yearly Halloween poster/pin-up, I just went straight to the next strip because it fit so well, falling on Halloween and all. As far as the title is concerned, I am showing my age ;)

This strip has loads of color. It is story-related and I can’t reveal it just yet but have fun theorizing! Keep in mind that the characters see in full color and I simply highlight things with color to make them stand out as important for the readers. Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!

As shriveled limbs pushed the sarcophagus lid aside, a truly gruesome creature unfurled from the tomb. It was putrid greenish-grey and had a ghoulish mouth upturned into the devil’s own grin, filled with sharp teeth. The nose cavernous, the eyes deep black pits, each orifice held within its chasm an odd glow hard to make out from a distance but it was the overall sight and the smell that staggered the heroes. The stench of it curled forth like grasping hands about one’s throat.

The encroaching mist was the immediate threat Goldie perceived. She drew Excalibur from her left thigh and swashed at the oncoming yellowish haze. A gold glow similar to that of her cursed hair encircled the legendary blade like armor as it cut through the mist. It scattered and retreated away from the radiant gleam, only to spread out to the adjoining chambers just as the red and blue mists were doing…