So… The strip will be finished on Friday AM. THIS is the reason why: The Magic Mirror. I’ve been working on updating it to be featured in the current strip. I know it doesn’t look like much but keep in mind that each shard is hand drawn from an actual cut-out I did of every individual shard. I made a physical map of the Magic Mirror’s shards so I’d know the shape of the fragments for piecing them together in the Mirror — each is unique and I wanted that reflected in their odd broken shapes. Then I have to generate the spades, hearts, diamonds, or clubs from photoshop for each shard… or draw each individual representation of Queen, Jack, and King. Haven’t had an opportunity for an Ace yet but that’ll be fun to design:) I then change the transparency of each shard depending on if the current character attached to it is at Headquarters or if they are in the field. I suit the glow to match the color pertaining to the character it is currently attached to (noting here that the shards in the mirror are recharging and may or may not appear on the character from which they came. A likeness of the shard is always present, like a ghost image. It auto-returns to the character when they wish as far as I know.)
Um… Yeah. Strip will be finished Friday AM.