Three things:

1.) Normally, I would do a holiday pic, as today is the 4th of July (Woohoo!), but instead I am celebrating moving the story onward.

2.) This is the second-to-last planned journal of the whole series. I will be moving on to comic strips again! This particular story started in July 2017, so it is fitting to end it’s run in July nearly on the two-year anniversary of the start of Mein Schnee. We’ve learned so much about the characters through journaling. From how Miss Muffet truly sees herself to some of the darker parts Goldie tries to hide to one more bit of intrigue which will be revealed next week in the last journal page, brought to you by Alice. Thank you for going on this journey with me!

3.) Third thing? I may be needing to take a hiatus for about 2 weeks due to unforseen life and a live-in guest in the room I normally do my computer work. Much has happened lately and I am trying to accommodate all sides, but sometimes everything can’t be done. I can only do art on my PC, not my laptop at present, but that means I can spend some more time revising my manuscript, which it needs! I hope to post some art and sketches soon of random SHARDS bits but things are up in the air after the very last journal entry next week.