I am on vacation but decided to post this look at the dwarfs pre- and post-shard-influenced. It isn’t always easy to see the character designs through the journal entries. Here we have a few dwarf faces and the overall look of the dwarfs, plus what they look like with their gas masks. Zwei is prominently showcased.

Fun Fact: Each dwarf in SHARDS has a mask and an aura reflecting their particular representative sin (Sloth, Lust/Extravagance, Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Pride) but each one in their original story would be considered representative of the opposite of the sin they reflect. SlothEins for example would be very active. Lust/Extravagance/Zwei has a very introverted personality and is shy, Envy/Drei is perfectly happy being who he is on the inside, Gluttony/Vier is usually very mindful of others and very moderate in his food consumption, Greed/Funf is extremely helpful and always wants to put them before himself, Wrath/Sechs is a bit grumbly and disagreeable but quick to apologize for any slight. I can’t mention Pride juuuust yet, but you’ll see. His current form is the opposite of everything he stands for.