And here is Dorothy:) Ha, this one was also fun! It’s been a blast digging into each characters’ head. Now that you’ve seen it, we can start getting to the actual story along with the internal stuff.

The background for each personal journal is unique at least to the individual owning it. It is hard to make out but behind her journal page, Dorothy’s background is a tiled cameo version of her four forms. If you’d like to see the full version of this background, it is available for anyone to see on my Shards Patreon page.

And if you’d like a transcript of the text, here ya go!

D: Golly, I guess I should start with the city. It was pretty but awful quiet for a trading town.
T: Yeah. Too quiet.
S: But we knew we were walking into danger. The sheep warned us, though at the time I was still deciphering the clue’s elevance to our surroundings.
L: Doesn’t matter. We can take ‘em. And for the record, that wolf wasn’t
so “bad”.
T: Now, let’s not get cocky, Lion… Oh. Sorry. Dorothy’s turn.
D: That’s okay, Tin Man. I think we all agree we needed to stay alert. I didn’t want to be snuck up on again.
L: Yeesh, yer tellin’ me! That wolf wasn’t bad but he DID get the drop
on us.
S: Hush now. Let Dorothy transcribe what occurred in Venice.
T: Scarecrow’s right. Pipe down there, Lion, so Dorothy can write.
L: I know, I know. Sorry.
D: Well, I’d just started into a shop that sold clothing when I saw Miss Muffet hurry out of the one she’d chosen. Tin Man said she looked sad
so I asked, “Did you find anything?”
And she said, “No.”
I asked, “What’s wrong?” because I thought he was right.
And she said, “I’m hungry.”
T: See? Sad.
L: Shh.
D: “Didn’t you, um, eat before we left?” I asked her.
And she said, “I did but… I’m hungry again.”
L: And that’s never a good thing. That kid gets weird when she’s snacky.
T: Lion, you know the kid can’t help it.
L: Well, you don’t have a tail she was eyeing hungrily last week.
D: Er… Can we please focus? Scarecrow is being quiet.
L: Sorry.
T: Yeah, sorry, Dorothy.
D: So I invited Miss Muffet to come with us and I’d just started into the shop when we heard Humpty give a startled yell and fall over himself to leave the shop he chose to investigate.
“Humpty! What’s wrong?” I asked him and we rushed over to see if we could lend a hand. He needed the assist and when I took hold of his cartoonly oversized hand, I was reminded that, for an egg, he’s got a soft grip.
“Eggs…” was the only thing he said, and said with a shudder to boot.
T: Honestly, why did he go into a bakery? Why does he even like cooking?
D: Tin Man… Does anything really make sense about Humpty? We just accept him as he is. He’s our friend.
T: I know, Dorothy. That’s why I don’t like seeing him upset. I just–
Scarecrow? Did you just doodle all over the page Dorothy’s working
on using her other hand?
S: … Um. Yes. Sorry. Just trying to keep occupied.
My brain just keeps going!