This one is fun:) Wanted to see inside Miss Muffet’s head? Here you go! And if the writing is too small, a transcript is right below:

A Pound Of Gruff : Miss Muffet’s Journal, Page 1

There’s so many neat people everywhere we go. Like here… I think Mother Goose called it Venice? It’s pretty! I took a quick peek into some of the shops cuz the sheep clue said there was trouble here and the townsfolk usually know what the problem is.

What do they tastes like, townsfolk…

I asked Dorothy, “Dorothy, should we just ask people? Jack’s doin’ it again…” Of course, he found a bar. I’d roll my eyes at him but he doesn’t care. I mean, why does anyone drink that stuff anyway? I smelled some beer once …Blood… and I thought it smelled gross.

“The clue mentioned something living ‘under’ and eating things.” Humpty said. “You ask in there, Miss Muffet, and Dorothy an’ I’ll ask in these shops here.”

That sounded like a good plan so I opened the door and scrunched up all my legs so I could get inside and, as usual, nobody noticed a spider girl walking in. Just a girl …Needs blood… It’s one reason I like going out on shard missions. Nobody sees what I really am…

The shop I went in sold flowers and had lots of pretty bunches out front and inside. There was a lady who asked me what I’d like and I asked if there were problems around town or anything weird and she looked scared a minute and …CAT!… Oh, look, a cat …Prey! Feeds!… The lady said it was a friendly cat …Blood! Feeds!.. and I could tell because it rubbed against my real legs …Grabs it! Grabs it grabs it grabs–

“No!” I just put my hands behind my back and didn’t pet the cat even though the lady said I could. “No, thank you. Um… I gotta go but thanks for the info.”

I… had to go. Her cat was too distracting anyway.