Back to Miss Muffet, and the promise of some action soon! Again, because the… other font… is hard to read, here is a transcript:

I really like Dorothy but sometimes I just don’t understand her. Not prey. Not prey. Too nice. Too many. Like with the bridge. What’s the big deal? I ran over to it because SOMEbody had to know what was goin’ on and I didn’t see anyone else volunteering. But then Dorothy ran down to stop me and then Jack and Humpty and even the sheep came over and there was even more talking. Geez! Adults talk so much! Well, I didn’t feel like waiting so I just leaped right onto the top of the bridge because then I knew we’d get the bad guy’s attention.

“See?” I told ‘em. “You guys talk too much.” Loud. Loud talk always. And I tapped my legs on the bridge to kinda drum up whatever lurks. Happy Dance! It was loud, too, cuz I wanted to make sure I was heard, and to drown out… other things.

That’s when it got a little dark. I thought it was cloudy. And then I felt the raindrops. Except it wasn’t rain…