I really like this journal with Miss Muffet. It says a lot about what’s going on. Here is a transcript for those who’d like it:

Spider! Spider! Shylock creeped me out. I was glad to leave, but I felt bad for Jack. If we lost, he’d have to give up his shard. It was written down and everything and we all know if they write something into the story, it stays. I don’t know why he did that! Dummy! Prey? Not surprised at all that he was freaking out outside Shylock’s place.

Dorothy was saying, “Calm down. Scarecrow is trying to come up with a good plan.”

“He bloody well better!” said Jack. “It’s me shard on tha line so get that Sherlock brain a his workin’!”

Fear! Smells fear! Tastes fear…

“Why’d ya sign it, Jack?” Humpty asked.

“It’s that Shylock! He must have some compulsion powers from th’ shard cuz I didn’t think twice ‘fore signin’ me life away. Dammit!”

He’s not supposed to curse around kids. Daddy told him so. But I won’t tell on Jack. I knew he was upset. Just little tastes? Samples? Hungry!!

I… I really needed to find something to eat and I didn’t care what so I went off to hunt for something small and quick. I like it when they’re quick >:P

Sometimes… I think it’s better to be off by myself, so I can BE myself. I’m actually really good at hunting but… well… It isn’t something little girls are supposed to be good at.

Daddy warned me not to show the others just how good I am at catching prey — I mean, food. He said they wouldn’t understand, but Daddy does. He says I’m the best at hunting when I let my instincts take over. Every now and then, Daddy tells me a lab rat has gotten out. If I catch it, I can have it. I’ve found them all.

So, really, finding rats in the alleys of Venice was easy-peasy!