I love her expression. If you want to read the dialogue, here it be:
Well, Humpty was definitely outta the picture. I think the troll threw him? All I knew was that he was gone and the troll was now rampagin’ right for me. Could I have turned around and tried to see if my legs could death dance on his ugly green face? Sure! Did I think that was a stupid move and I wanted to keep running? Yes! What we knew for sure was that Jack’s fire could hurt him but we were gonna run outta time if Jack didn’t get his fire goin’ again.

“Sorry, Lil’ Creepy,” he said when he came down from another leap. “Best we split up, I think.”

Well, I didn’t think that was the best idea but, even though I’m fast, I can’t leap outta sight like Jack. I skitter. And I couldn’t skitter fast enough to track where he went after he launched off again.

Dang it…

I decided to hide, because even though my legs make me look really big, they didn’t seem to make the troll afraid of me. So I squeezed into a little side alley, glad my metal legs work a lot like a spider’s and squeezing’s no problem. I waited, saw the troll crash past me, and making straight for I’m guessing Jack’s direction. That troll has it in for him. I just hope Jack could find a blacksmith, or a baker. Anybody with a nice fire or an oven or something to dry him out.

And, while I waited so quiet and still, a little rat just happened by…