Tappity, tappity ow, ow, ow.

And here is the Journal transcript:

I like Humpty. I don’t think he’s bothered by me drinking blood. Just that I was feeding when we were supposed to help Jack. I mean, he can’t be bothered by it too much, right? He never says anything when he gives me my meals in the kitchen.

Jack was easy to find because the troll was still after him. We just followed the trail of damage. This time, though, I stuck with Humpty and I asked him, “What about that new gun thing you got with your new shard?”

“What? My goo gun?”

“Yeah. How far does it shoot?”

“Oh, at least three hundred yards, but I think the troll’s too big for it to slow him down.”

“Maybe not slow him down but shoot him in the eyes. I’ll do my thing and maybe it’ll give Jack some more time to get away.”

Humpty didn’t look like he thought it’d work. He asked me, “Yer not gonna bite him or spit at him, are ya?”

Stupid egg…

I rolled my eyes at Humpty. He’s nice an’ all but he really must not know what I can do. “He’d squash me if I tried to bite him. And I’m not gonna spit at him. Takes too much time for a guy that big. Just go shoot him in the eyes, okay?”

And when we got close enough, Humpty bazooka’ed his goo right into the troll’s eyes. Perfect hit! And when he couldn’t see and was distracted, I skittered over there quick as a flash and did my Dance of Death on his ugly troll feet! My legs are really sharp and I can jab really fast. Boy, did that troll howl while I skewered his right foot, then his left foot.