Miss Muffet’s journal gives us our first look at Jack without his coat! Also his knew hairdo is his wind-blown, troll-spat look LOL. I love the smell coming off him. Haha:)

Also, here’s a transcript of the text if it is hard to read:

Geez, Humpty’s being too soft. I mean, the troll was a bad guy! He deserved it! We’re good guys. It’s okay to beat up the bad guys, right? Blood. Blood good. I mean,… Right?

Maybe this is one of those things to ask Daddy. Loves Daddy. Loves loves. Yeah :) And Daddy knows everything.

So, right when Humpty stopped me, that’s when I saw Jack walking back to us. He was walking real funny, real slow, and my gosh he was carrying a lantern on a pole!

“Hold this,” he told Humpty and handed him the pole.

Boy, Humpty looked just as confused as me but he took the lantern pole.

Then Jack took his coat off and when he did that’s when I started to smell Jack. Yuck! Dried troll spit stinks! Bad! Smells bad bad! I started to skitter off cuz he reeked but he said, “Stay put, Lil’ Creepy. I need you t’ jab ‘im again, make him open up that big gobber o’ his.”

I didn’t know what Jack was planning but I shrugged and said okay.

“When I do my leap, you jab ‘im,” Jack told me.

I grinned and said yeah and I love being part of a team and being able to do stuff I’m good at.

“Humpty, I need you t’goo ‘is eyes again.”

But Humpty said, “I don’t know, Jack…”

And then Jack said, “I know ya don’ wanna, mate, but this buggar’s gonna come fer us till we’re down ‘is gullet or we defeat ‘im.”

Humpty couldn’t argue.