I promised myself to do a decent bit of art for a Christmas gift to all of the SHARDS fans. This is the cover to Chapter 4.

Merry Christmas!

For those worried Chapter 4 will turn into a lesbian love story, you worry too much!

For those hoping for a lesbian love story, I hope to give just enough.

I never have any agendas. I simply write, or put down on paper what the story would have me say. Though Goldie and Cindy do have a focus in Chapter 4, there is so much going on! Epic battles! EVERY main SHARDS character (except Dr. Muffet and Mother Goose — they had to stay behind at the Library)! Lots of characters reappearing! Opposing factions joining forces! This is the march on Oz and it is going to be epic. We should start into it some time soon into January or February. Chapter 4 will officially start then and that marks 56SHARDS going back to full comic strip format. No more journals (Darn!) so enjoy them while they wrap up the old year and kick Sieben’s butt/finish up the tale of “Mein Schnee”.

Happy Holidays, all!