I am going to take a hiatus for January and February because I am focusing on my growing readership in a new area.

The pic above is the cover for my Call of Cthulhu rpg “Taken For Granite” on drivethrurpg.com. It’s published, and doing pretty good for a first try only a month and a half in. This is one of the reasons for the hiatus. I am writing two more which are due out in March and one more due in the Summer.

Another reason for the hiatus is I feel sometimes I am drawing in obscurity. I got very sick in June. It wasn’t covid but it could have killed me. I felt I need to do more with my life but I am always doing so much… Sigh.

I attended a writer’s retreat in September. It was fantastic! But the feedback I received on 56SHARDS was mixed. Someone even suggested not to turn it into a children’s graphic novel at all and leave it as adult fiction. Sigh, again. I worked for 2 years on this project as a middle grade graphic novel. I feel sometimes I am spinning my wheels when all I want is to get this somewhere.

I am still very much into creating 56SHARDS as a graphic novel but have hit a bit of a bump and turned my focus for now to something more attainable and hopefully to gain a bit more of an authorial footing before trying to tackle the world of graphic novels or the children’s literature market.

I am also very active in Cub Scouts and have been asked to design an interactive Lego exhibit at a museum here. I am blown away. How can I turn that down? How can I even think of taking more stuff on?? So… something’s gotta give. The comic is by no means stopping but I have to prep for some possible cons, an author signing, two new manuscripts due by March, a museum exhibit, and my normal daily busy life of work, family, game night, and Scouts. I hope you’ll understand the break:)