Welcome to the second anniversary of Shards! Look for more content added as the week progresses!

So over a month ago I posted a long blog comment about the role-playing system, a session that we had, and my current state of mind regarding it. Well over the past three weeks developments have happened and I am going to scrap my current shards system. That being said, a new one is under development and I expect it to be playtest ready within the next two month.

The system will be more dynamic, not have these bland powers I’ve created and no method for player customization. It will be a skill based system, so character’s like Alice will be able to do more than just beat face (not that beating face isn’t fun.) The moment the first character is ready I will post it, and it will be a character I haven’t shown you yet :). I’m very excited about these developments and am looking forward to sharing them with you all.