I am endeavoring to add new content to the site so, in lieu of a strip and to try and make the deadline of revisions I have planned before our second anniversary here at Shards, I am posting a sketch to remind you all to check out the new sketches in the concept art section. It is the first of several additions I’ll be making this month in commemoration of our second year. Thanks for sticking with us! Also, under these pics will be bonus content or explanations on the character which may also end up under their very own Characters page;)

There is a second reason for the delay of the strip: I’ve had the sketch of the thing for over a month but I keep rewriting how I want the thing to go. I won’t post that as the sketch because I don’t want to reveal too much but I want to bring you the best writing I can do and what is there isn’t what needs to be done yet. We also had to look at our map of shards and shard placement on my “completed mirror” cheat-sheet to make sure all of what we have planned in the future is still okay to go down. We actually put a lot of planning and thought into why things are the way they are. Nothing is an accident, or a coincidence. :) So please forgive this intermission while I regroup the story in the correct fashion AND bring you some new content to the site! New strip should be up Thursday 6/28 (Monday will be another special pin-up for our Year 2). Again, thanks for your patience!