You’ve heard Goldie refer to Alice as the Blue Boyscout (among other things). I’ve sketched Alice as just that for two reasons:

1.) I am swamped with Cub Scouts and life and have to take about a week long hiatus so there will be no art 2/27/20.

2.) Yep, I know that Boy Scouts/BSA has filed a Chapter 11. I know why, too. I came into Scouts later in life because I’m a girl. But now I am a mom and want my kids to enjoy Scouts so I had them join. I know that safety is “Number One” because we make it so (Yes, random Star Trek pun!) and I believe in what the organization has always tried to do. It is full of fun, learning, opportunity, character-growth, and promotes a safe environment for any and all youth. Their Youth Protection Training is mandatory for all adult leaders and is a free video online at with points on barriers of abuse, how to keep scouts safe and fun, and more. Over the last 1.5 years, I have immersed myself in Scouting and support the organization. The Chapter 11 filing will not affect us much on a District or Pack/Troop level but we still see it in the news and know people have questions, concerns, and biases. Ask away. Ask any Scout leader at any level, and know that any worth their salt will answer readily and truthfully. May we all follow the Cub Scout Motto: Do Your Best!