Sorry for the delay but I wanted to show that I am working on the Graphic Novelization of SHARDS while providing you current strips and SHARD Dust:) This is Pg. 21, Panel 3, where MISS MUFFET is still lurking in the shadows, waiting for DR. MUFFET to tell her she can come introduce herself to ALICE. It is a variation of the scene in the webcomic but the story itself has a lot of new content which I hope to show you bits and pieces of as things move along. HOPEFULLY things are moving along again on an agent/editor side! We’ll see:)

And, as far as the SHARD Dust strips, just know they are canon, and they are happening exactly when they appear in the flow of strips. David is still pinned by Daniel’s lion and now you know why Goldie didn’t sense him in the Library and why Miss Muffet is otherwise also occupied:)