Looks like the BBW is actually going to have to work for this win.

Repeatedly adjusting his left ruby optics to recover from the blasted zealot’s light beam assault, the Big Bad Wolf again caught sight of his prey… and paused.

The scent of blood was gone, replaced by an electrifying ozone taste that curled his lips into a deeper sneer. The permeating song sung by the innocent hugged his battlefield like thick flower-scent, cloying, distracting. The prey had healed, and multiplied. Amongst the thief, zealot, innocent, and valiant stood a man of straw, a man of tin, and a lion. The spider, whom he still had not decided to be prey or predator, prepared to attack with her cybernetic legs — an ineffectual assault but perhaps she was not aware of her own abilities due to being still a pup. No matter. The three new players held his attention for he did not know them from their scent; only their stories.

Very aware how shards allowed one to adapt and change, he growled low in his throat and took a step to the rear to ready a guardant stance. His cybernetic tail reacted to the new threat, revealing three wicked blades. The prey and the spider came at him and he found himself driven back a step further. They were more formidable than anticipated. He would have to use more than his usual weaponry…