This will take a little explanation:)

First, meet the Triumvirate. You only got a brief glimpse of them before at the start of the chapter.

Second, yes, the dialogue is missing. TB and I can’t decide between two different versions so I will post them below for you to vote on. Whichever is gets the majority of votes will get to be the official dialogue.

The reason behind the indecision is the cadence and method of rhyme for the three witches of the Triumvirate. Without giving too much away, they have a kind of curse that forces them to rhyme with each other in a set of three verses. Some may like the ABAB rhythm better and some may like the other version better. Only one way to find out, so please read and vote on either Option 1 or Option 2. If you are wondering about the unseen witch’s dialogue, that is for the next strip. No peeking! :)

Option 1

Witch #3: “As expected, the mongrel’s failed; but our plan is not expelled. His body unbent yet mind frailed, and our foes unrepelled.”
Witch #2: “For his sloppy job he’ll find his own death knelled! Bah, Dorothy without a scratch! Her little dog, too, was not felled. We must dispense a revenge to match.”

Option 2

Witch #3: “Blast the mongrel, more of a near-sighted scoundrel, always gnawing a single bone at a time.”
Witch #2: “Dorothy leaves without a scratch. Her little dog, too, no match! It’s an outrage; a crime!”

And there you have it. Vote away! More explanations to come next strip but for now, ponder on who these guys are.