Firstly, I have noticed some sex comic ads appearing here… I have banned a few but if it keeps up I am removing all Project Wonderful ads from my site.

Secondly, here is the second and last of the strips introducing The Triumvirate. It is unfinished, as the debate continues over how the dialogue sets. I wanted to show you the whole and see if that changes your opinion. Also, been a long work week/Memorial Day business plus prom season at work and it is neither complete nor can I continue without a decision on how the dialogue goes. For the sketch, I put the option 1 dialogue in to show how it flows on the page. It is purposefully broken up to fit in the panels but I try not to interrupt the rhyme flow too much in the process of fitting it all in. The biggest issue I see in Option 1 is not that I won’t be able to come up with dialogue but in that I may use words that complicate the dialogue and hide the meaning, just to get the rhyme across. Like the Ginger Witch in Option 1. She is saying they expected BBW to lose, and that their plan was not revealed. I used the word “expelled” instead, as in to drive out/force away.

So anyway, tell me what you think. Here are the options again, in their entirety:

Option 1 —
Ginger Witch: “As expected, the mongrel’s failed; but our plan is not expelled. His body unbent yet mind frailed, and our foes unrepelled.”

Wicked Witch: “For his sloppy job he’ll find his own death knelled! Bah, Dorothy without a scratch! Her little dog, too, was not felled. We must dispense a revenge to match.”

Evil Stepmother: “Sisters, please, ease up a batch. Granny and Wolf were failures, true. But we’ve a better plan to hatch; one using our hold over Petervulf the Red and Big Boy Blue.”

Option 2 —
Ginger Witch: “Blast the mongrel, more of a near-sighted scoundrel, always gnawing a single bone at a time.”

Wicked Witch: “Dorothy leaves without a scratch. Her little dog, too, no match! It’s an outrage; a crime!”

Evil Stepmother: “Sisters, please. We knew the Wolf would fall to his knees. With our hold on others like Petervulf the Red and Big Boy Blue, our victory will be sublime.”