Grab tissues and three… two… one… Yes, you’re supposed to feel for Velvy. His story is tragic! ;)

Artist’s Note: The first panel might be hard to make out because Cindy’s yell is in the way but this is actually a side view of both characters and a cross-section of the door. And as a side note, you might see a few changes to Cindy’s design in the future. She is supposed to be any princess, every princess. I don’t have any Disney style characters in here yet, as far as the drawing style. I did a few head studies of Cindy in the Rapunzel style and they were used as partial models for this strip. They turned out really good so I might alter her style. The only reason is because lately I’ve been having trouble drawing her pretty. It sounds funny but she is supposed to be gorgeous. If my art doesn’t reflect that, it just won’t come across.

Also, if I run out of time for a post for the 9th, I’ll post the Disney Cindy head study instead. If I manage to complete a strip in that crazy time schedule of working as a florist in Mother’s Day week, then it’ll be posted on Mother’s Day instead as a bonus sketch:) Here’s for hoping I can do a strip on the 9th so I can give it to you as bonus content!