Welcome to the intermission! This intermission comes at a point in the story where I wanted to put some space between the previous strip and the next, just to give you all a little breather before continuing into some deeper stuff. Also… Mother’s Day week at a flower shop… Yeah. Second-busiest holiday. Between that and feeding my family and tucking in kids, not much else happens with the little time left when I get home. However, I do try to at least sketch. Here is a concept sketch for a cute little pin-up I have in mind:) Coppertone Dorothy! I don’t consider the slight bum shot nudity because the coppertone girl is on stuff sold publicly and this is an exact copy of that picture; just with Dorothy and Toto;) Not sure if Monday will have a Mother’s Day pin-up or a finished color version of this sketch but after that, the normal strips resume. Tally-ho!… And enjoy.