The next strip is taking longer to make so I wanted to share something else with you to get the week going: Shard Dust. Every now and then I will be posting some backstory or sidestory piece in sketch format that gives a little more insight to the characters of the Shards universe. It’s all canon. It just couldn’t all be squeezed in to the story’s normal flow.

For our first Shard Dust, we have Humpty and Velvy having a nice little conversation. The reason I wanted to do this piece was to bring up some similarities between these two, and to point out that they don’t need to sleep. While only Humpty is characterized as undead, our living construct Velvy has found a special kinship with him anyway.

This is page 1 of 2. Look for page 2 of 2 tomorrow. Yay, double the amount of story this week!

Here’s the dialogue if it’s hard to read:

Humpty: *whistling*
Humpty: Hm?
Velvy: *singing* Doo da doo…
Velvy: Doo?
Humpty: Well, hello there, Velvy! Nice night, huh?
Velvy: Um, yes. Everyone is asleep, though.
Humpty: I’m not. I never sleep.
Velvy: I don’t sleep either. It creeps out Cindy and the others…
Humpty: Doesn’t bother me any.
Humpty: If you’re lonely, hang out with me! … Unless it creeps you out to be near a walking, talking, undead egg-man.
Velvy: You’re really nice, Humpty. Jack shouldn’t call you half-baked and soft-boiled.
Humpty: He said WHAT?!