Page 2 of 2. I left out Velvy’s disease bubbles this time to see if it made the page more clear. Here’s the dialogue written out:

Velvy: Oh, don’t be mad! I don’t think Jack knows how to make friends very well.
Humpty: Funny. I thought we WERE friends.
Velvy: Um… I’m pretty sure you still are. Want me to go ask him?
Velvy: Um… Humpty?
Humpty: *zzzzZZZZzz*
Velvy: I thought he said he doesn’t sleep…
Humpty: *zzzZzZzz*
Humpty: I don’t.
Velvy: ?
Humpty: *zzzzz…*
Humpty: But sometimes, ever since getting a shard, my body makes funny noises.
Humpty: I used to think it meant I was hungry but I don’t eat.
Velvy: Me either! We’re a lot alike!
Humpty: Heh.