Ah, Smudgy… The Cleaner’s faithful side-kick. Comes complete with scrubbing action and soap-on-a-rope.

Sorry. I’m exhausted. Not my best commentary but it’ll have to do. Time for sleep!


The Anti-Smudge crouched, winding up his cloth fists. The air crackled with the effort of containing his pent-up energy.

The dirty interloper took one step closer.

That pushed it. NO one messes with The Cleaner on his watch!

Smudgy launched himself, his fists spinning with the speed of a well-tuned motor. The everclean wash cloths constantly clutched in his grasp spun like Cuisinart blades. The interloper didn’t stand a chance.

When the screams and wails died down to a pile of pitiful wimpers, Smudgy flicked his evercleans free of grime and turned toward his partner. “Okay. He’s clean.”