Okay… So I have had a mad week. Car troubles, working over 46 hrs per week for two weeks straight now, and trying and failing to nurse a sick pet back to health. Sadly, my chameleon died yesterday. On top of that, I could not post even a sketch until today because for some reason I could not gain access to or view my site. You likely encountered that last night or early this morning if you were just dying for the next installment of Shards…

In other words, I don’t have the next strip ready due to a hectic week in the life of me. To help compensate, Humpty has stepped up to the plate and provided something to post today, inspired by our current set of Shards characters as super heroes.

When asked what super hero he’d prefer to be, he promptly drew this sketch. Much to my surprise, as I was unaware of Humpty’s unique artistic abilities.

“I’m still me; just buff! Oh, and rocket boots. I’d have to have rocket boots.”

Indeed, Humpty.